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  • Alex Chung

    Alex Chung

    MLOps in Enterprises. Sharing experiences from building internal products at AWS SageMaker, Facebook, and Lyft.

  • Jacques Sham

    Jacques Sham

    A data engineer in a BI company with Czech heritage, a whisky-lover, an aviation enthusiast, and a gamer. Concern how to use data science to answer questions.

  • 💡Mike Shakhomirov

    💡Mike Shakhomirov

    BigData Engineer | Full stack dev | I write about ML/AI in Digital marketing. | | @MShakhomirov

  • Chi-Hsuan Huang

    Chi-Hsuan Huang

    Back to The Mind: Follow Your Heart. Co-Founder at Taiwanstat; Full Stack Developer.

  • Han Wang

    Han Wang

  • Hahnbee Lee

    Hahnbee Lee

    Co-founder of Mintlify

  • Ayoub Bouamri

    Ayoub Bouamri

    Top Writer on Medium. I will teach you how to use Medium like a PRO. I also talk about human rights, languages, and culture.

  • Benedict Neo

    Benedict Neo

    +1.5M views | Connect 👉

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